Friday, January 05, 2007

Last Christmas Post?

Things about Buttons and Christmas...

~Santa did not come to our house. Buttons commisioned her Uncle G. to go get the gifts from the jolly old elf. She did think we should give Santa some coffee though.

~When the big Santa gift reveal happened she was pretty non-plussed by the new table and easel for her. However, the goldfish crackers in her stocking couldn't be beat. (This is a rare treat in our house.)

~It took 2 days for her to open gifts. Yes, there were too many. However, she just didn't have the fervor that I sort of expected. (Expectations, huh?)

~When we would ask Buttons what she wanted for Christmas, only one thing was ever said: "stroller" (for her dolls). So, after we opened a few presents she looked around, became a bit wistful and made a question out of one word..."stroller?" It was like she was saying "I only asked for one thing and you're giving me all this other stuff."

~She feared Tickle Me Elmo and Red, the Fraggle (Red) my brother gave her. "I no like Fraggles." "I no like Elmo anymore!" Her fave gifts? A shopping cart, a play sushi set, a playdough play set and all the books she received.

~The scary part was I thought during Christmas we had really entered the terrible 2's, but as soon as we were back into our routine this week my angel came back to stay. I'm certain I had a taste of what the teen years will be though. Where did she learn the phrase "leave me alone"? I no like that phrase anymore!

Note to self : Next year... less stuff, more meaning. More hand-mades as well.

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At January 5, 2007 at 9:12 PM, Blogger Lotta said...

I think I am dying of a cute attack. You daughter is So cute! Those pjs' Aaack!

(Looking around for your MILF post?)


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