Saturday, December 16, 2006

2nd Most Difficult Resolution for the New Year

I'm thinking of doing this from Wendy Knits. The bad part? I'm thinking of purchasing yarn for the Wonderful Wallaby pattern my friend Marsha ordered for me before the great stash shrink starts. Would you like to see a finished product? My friend Beth just finished one for her daughter T. (Although, the picture doesn't do it justice.)

This picture is almost all of my stash. Yes, there is quite a bit there. However, I believe probably 3/4 of it came to me free. My neighbor's mother had oodles of acrylic to donate to me shortly after I learned to knit. (Thanks M's mom!) Some of it's quite nice, but acrylic is not my favorite so I think some of this will go to charity this year. I also worked at a yarn store for a while and received a nice discount and free stuff, so that's a decent portion as well. I would also like to chalk up some of the yarn purchases to when I was a very new and inexperienced knitter. Yes, sometimes I need to rationalize and yes, I'm pretty good at it. So, while I'm thinking of doing the "Knit from Your Stash 2007" challenge, I would add two things to the rules/exceptions.

1. It's ok to give a percentage of your stash away to a worthy cause (including a friend who needs a skein to finish a project).

2. You may buy more yarn if you run out of stash. Heh. (I'm not really worried about this for myself, but I'd want it as an option in the contract.)

Are you now wondering about the number one most difficult resolution? I'm also thinking of joining up with Lotta and her gang for this. I'm going to go and enjoy a few more holiday cookies before the great waist shrink.

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