Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Ride Home

After spending 12 hours on the road back home from our Thanksgiving celebrations, I can tell you we visited many rest stops. The food is almost always the same: most likely fried and just plain awful. And can anyone tell me why and how people spray the toilet seat in the women's room? It's beyond me.

However, the three of us had a wonderful time snacking on grapes, singing along with our mixed tapes (our rendition of "Do-Re-Mi" is wicked awesome) and making rather silly jokes. Buttons is now a fan of Desmond Dekker and I really love singing "The Green Grass Grows All Around" with Bob Mc Grath.

Hubby and I shared driving. Buttons and I shared naps. Buttons shared her dream of being a horse rider in the circus and she plans to carpool with her friend S. (who will be an acrobat). We had a pretend wedding (she's been very into this topic) and asked many questions.

We also made plans for decorating our house for Christmas and when we're going to bake cookies. Buttons asked Hubby's help writing a letter to Santa that went along these lines "please help yourself to these cookies that I made with my mother". Now, if we could just get her to speak in a British accent, she'd be perfectly proper. And you know what? She doesn't sprinkle on the toilet!

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