Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thanks Stephanie!

Stephanie is the first blogger I've met in person since "meeting" in the blogosphere. Both of us have daughters who were born in China and we both blogged about that commonality (Forks & Chopsticks). Stephanie then started a book blog (Stephanie's Written Blog) and that's been going really well with authors stopping by to guest blog and give interviews and she's even had several giveaways. I entered and won an advanced copy of Knit Two by Kate Jacobs. I never read the prequel, but perhaps I should now.

On top of these two blogs, Stephanie added a third ("C" is NOT for cookie...) after finding out she has breast cancer. She wants to help people by letting them come along with her on this journey. She will get her first chemo treatment shortly after Thanksgiving, which will be her first since losing her mother to complications from breast cancer.

Perhaps you could stop by one of Stephanie's blogs and send her a hello.
In the meantime, thank you Stephanie. I look forward to reading the book and reading your critique.

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