Sunday, November 16, 2008

You Better Watch Out

Buttons is 4 now and understands that Christmas is just around the corner. In past years she has wanted nothing to do with Santa. Her first Christmas with us I was able to take her and get her picture with Mr. Claus and me, but the next year, it didn't go as well. Last year we were able to get her in the same room with him and caught a quick picture and she waved to the jolly old elf from far away.

A few weeks ago we were in the mall and saw them putting up the "Santa photo studio". I asked Buttons if she would like to get her picture taken with Santa this year and she replied that she might if daddy did it with her. I asked if I could join too and her reply was "but Santa only has 2 laps". My reply was "yes, but perhaps I could just stand next to him". Now, she wouldn't commit to actually doing it and wanted to keep her possibilities open so she included a maybe on all of these possibilities.

Cut to today when Hubby and Buttons went to the mall (on a "secret" birthday present mission for me). When they arrived Santa waved to them and apparently Buttons was really excited about it. As they left they saw Santa getting ready to leave as well and Buttons waved goodbye.

Then out in the parking lot, the wheels started turning.
"How is Santa going to get home? There must be reindeer!!! Where are the reindeer?" Hubby explained that the reindeer are resting up for Christmas. When the two of them came home and shared this story, I asked again if she would like to get her picture taken with Santa this year.
"Yes...maybe all by myself."

We better watch out. Our girl is growing up and getting braver every year.

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