Sunday, November 09, 2008


We went to see some friends in a local production of "Beauty & the Beast" and then we all went out for dinner and then to the new house of two of the friends. I was tired and crabby after staying up too late at the final cast party the night before, but I did enjoy the day that went well into evening. Buttons had trouble sleeping because the Beast was good in his role of being scary but she eventually slept and we were soon to follow.

I enjoyed seeing my friends who were marvelous in their roles onstage. However, my favorite parts of the day included watching Buttons and one of her best buddies conspiring to tickle various people in the room and then running around having a wonderful ride. Then on the way home Buttons fell asleep and I shared with my hubby some of the disappointments of the day. He held my hand the whole way home and made me feel better. Mmm...Sunday.



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