Friday, November 03, 2006

Goodbye and Progress

Goodbye to my very first tape measure. I knew you well and you were a good friend to me while I made hats and sweaters. You also came in handy in a pinch during the dreaded swatch times. I shall miss you.

That said, I'm very excited at the possibility of owning one of these or these or some other fancy measuring tape. I couldn't do it while the purple workhorse was still in good condition, but now it's time for a new era.

Here is the project du jour... a hat for my dear hubby using color #42 of Schulana Merino Cotton 90. I picked up this yarn at Knitters Day Out over a month ago from Kindred Spirits Yarn Studio. I love this yarn and it's also featured as one of the current surprises on in a pattern by Jill, one of the owners of KSYS.

I will take the hat project to NYC tomorrow to see my very first production on Broadway..."Wicked". If you don't hear from me tomorrow, it means I'm exhausted from all the fun!

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