Tuesday, December 07, 2010

A Brief Update

Gosh, life gets busy with....



and making peace symbols that turn into rabbits.

I've also been knitting away and finished several projects and need to photograph them. Currently I'm working on a chemo cap for a friend of my mom's. Next on my needles will be a vest (Hollyberry)for... me! It will be the first knitted garment for me. Ok, there was that one ill-fated shell that still sits in my yarn stash mocking me, but hopefully this one will fit better.

Z (Buttons) is busy loving school. Reading has begun in earnest as well as writing words all over the place. "Mom, what makes the 'yuh, yuh, yuh' sound?" It's amazing to watch her mind working and hearing her read. It's going so fast and yet it's such an exciting ride I don't want it to slow down.

Mike is doing well, although his office changed locations and man, the commute is a killer. Luckily, he works from home sometimes and we get to eat lunch together and see him a bit more during the day.

Ok, I am now going to return to my regularly scheduled program, which today means cutting out paper snowflakes for our tree, shopping for groceries and gifts, making lunch for Z, taking her to school, cooking dinner and then a theater rehearsal for "Into the Woods".

Wishing you all light and warmth during this magical time.

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