Monday, July 06, 2009

Reused and recycled, but is it worth it?

Every year I get a new page-a-day knitting calender. I have enjoyed them, although I'm not sure I have actually knit any of the patterns. About 1/3 of them I imagine knitting just like I dream about making many of the recipes in my cookbooks, but who knows when that will happen. The rest of the patterns fall into 3 categories: ugly, too complicated/not worth the effort and why would anyone knit that. I peeked at tomorrow's pattern (since today was a continuation from the last 2 days and fit into the ugly category) and decided that a knitted plastic bag holder seemed to fit into the "why would anyone knit that" category. So, I went on line to look for a picture of it to share on the blog. In my search, I found this, and I'm a little intrigued. I'm not sure if I want to knit plastic, but I might try it someday kind of like I might make that recipe I have for garlic ice cream. It sounds interesting, but I don't know if I want to go to the effort just to hate it. Next I found this, which is so much prettier than the one in my calender and looks like a quick knit. And you know what? Etsy even sells crocheted holders. So, perhaps I've misjudged the plastic bag holders. It seems to be something that at least a few people are knitting. However, some of them could still go into the ugly category, such as this one.