Saturday, October 06, 2007

Thank You Secret Pal 11 Part 2!

Do you see the magazine in the left corner? Buttons loved it! My SP said she's happy to be a secret pal to Buttons as well. She sent me a great knitting mag from the UK and I've already found a sweater I want to knit for Buttons in the pages. She also sent along a funky polka-dot notebook with some pencils that come with stickers to personalize which is great since Buttons has a very unique name. There's some Belgian chocolate that I'm saving for a bit and some very yummy mango lip gloss as well. She included size 7 Lantern Moon needles and they are heavenly! I think I've sold her on them as well, so I can't wait to find out how many pairs she'll buy for herself.
"L" and I have been e-mailing each other quite a bit and I've enjoyed getting to know her very much. We're both big Buffy fans and she sent me some DVD's of Life on Mars and Doctor Who and I'm really looking forward to kicking back with some knitting and watching them. She also knows about classical music and sent some wonderful Gregorian chants and Baroque music on CD. She also sent a wonderful handwritten note along with a map from her beautiful seaside home.
This picture didn't turn out very well but she sent some great floating star candles and a handmade (by her) row counter bracelet with polished stones and quartz in a lovely green.
The best for last? Well, Everything was the best, but I do enjoy chocolate and I haven't sampled Unwrap, but I lurve Crunchie and Twirl and I believe they're difficult if not impossible to find here, so thank you for that special treat from across the pond.

As you can see, I'm a lucky duck to have such a great Secret Pal. Thank you so much "L"!



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