Saturday, June 02, 2007

Let's Go Fly A Kite (3 Things About Today)

~We went to an FCC picnic today and flew a kite decorated by Buttons. Oh boy did she love flying that thing. It wasn't in the air for very long, but we ran and laughed when she ran away from the wind or dropped the string. She didn't care because it was all about just enjoying what was happening. When we had trouble getting it airborn, she told me the kite was having issues. Excuse me...issues? Oh, boy does she listen.

~She also made friends instantaneously with 3 other girls and they started playing their own made up game right away. All I could see was running around in circles, bumping into each other sometimes and giggling like it was the funniest thing ever. Sometimes I think I remember being that young.

~So, Buttons says other funny things that I know she heard from us like "I'm a big fan of movies" and she'll say something like "I'm a big fan of Caillou". Snort. We wore nametags today and in the car on the way home she was looking at mine and we were asking her what our names were and she answered correctly. Then I asked her what her full name was and she said "S as in Sam". Huh? I figured out she must hear me spell out our last name as I always do using names to emphasize the letters. I always thought she had regulation size ears, but now I know they're huge!

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