Thursday, January 15, 2009

Whim Soup, Take 1 (Vegetarian)

Growing up, I preferred Campbell's soup to my mom's homemade. Luckily, I've outgrown that. I started enjoying homemade soups because they tasted better and had less salt. My mom makes great soup and I'll happily choose it over any can any day. However, I thought soup was hard to make, so until about a year ago all I ever tried to make was chicken noodle soup whenever we became sick.

Then, my friend Linda gave me the recipe for what I now refer to as Whim Soup. In your crockpot, you add broth, some veggies (frozen, canned, fresh or a combination) and add a handful of herbs (most often Herbs de Provence) and cook. Easy peasy and delicious.

While we lived in Belgium, I rarely followed a recipe and soup became my go to meal. I faked it using products like this spice "boullion" and this handy gizmo. Buttons thinks I'm the greatest soup maker in the world and so I desire to make more soup. (I've also been making bread, so she's thinking I'm some sort of June Cleaver. However, I'm not vacumming in

So, the point is I made a soup we liked a couple of nights ago and I thought I'd share, just in case you wanted to try it and now I have an actual recipe for it!

Whim Soup, Take 1 (Vegetarian)
32 oz organic vegetable broth
30 oz (approximately) chopped tomatoes (with juice)
15 oz undrained canned garbanzo beans
15 oz drained canned corn
1 frozen package of spinach
1 small handful (3 tablespoons?) Herbs de Provence
3 teaspoons of garlic (Button's request)
1 1/2 cups of small alphabet pasta

Combine broth and tomatoes, puree in crockpot.
Add everything else EXCEPT pasta.
Cook on low or high depending on when you want it done.
Make sure you cook it long enough for the spices to soften.
Cook pasta, drain, add to soup and serve,
preferably with homemade bread while wearing pearls.

(Wish I had a picture, but we ate it too fast.)



At January 27, 2009 at 7:17 AM, Blogger Beth said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe and welcome back to blogging. I've had to catch up with all your posts. I haven't got the hang of bloglines yet!


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