Thursday, May 17, 2007


Buttons is a talker. Where does she get that from? Uh...yeah...I resemble that. She amazes me with her use of words and phrases. Most of the time I can understand her but other times it's like playing Mad Gabs. "Aye wan bull crap" becomes "I want Pooh cup". (Seriously, it took a long time for me to not hear "bull crap" when Buttons asked for that sippee.) Then after playing Mad Gabs, I swear we play the dictionary game, as in "where on earth did she learn THAT she reading the dictionary"? No, I'm not talking about bad words. It's stuff like "Mama, my paper is ruined" and "those goggies (doggies) are getting into mischief". Ruined? Mischief? She's two and a half. I know kids are sponges and I definitely try to use the 3 dollar words around her as much as possible, but brilliant right? Ok, yeah I know we ALL think our kid is the smartest, but man she is amazing to me.

She can also remember lyrics to songs so well, which is something that is right up Hubby's alley. We were in the grocery store the other day in the cereal aisle and she starts singing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" song outa nowhere with words, rhythm and music. I wonder where her inspiration came from and when I ask her she points to a box with Spider Man on it. You couldn't even see the spider that's on his chest and she knew. Ok, she watches a little TV, but it's usually PBS or cooking shows with me. Maybe she asked me before, but I still find it amusing and a little scary. Sponges I tell you, sponges. So, I'll try to have her soak up the good stuff.



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